Literacy for Freedom

We are focused on creating empowering and supportive communities for Black boys in Minnesota, where they feel confident in achieving all their hopes and dreams.

Through our after-school program, Literacy for Freedom is building a future in which young Black Boys in Minnesota are free to be their authentic selves, communicate and be understood in the world, explore post-secondary opportunities, and mature into thoughtful leaders in their communities.


Literacy for Freedom was created in the fall of 2019 by Family Engagement Specialist Keenan Jones of Wayzata Public Schools  located in Plymouth, MN. It is a new 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization for Black boys in grades 5-12. Literacy for Freedom seeks to dramatically improve academic and life outcomes for Black boys in the Twin Cities area.

Why Black BOYS?

Our schools in America educate one-third of the country’s Black male students. Many of these scholars do well in school and go on to important leadership positions in their chosen fields. They make great contributions to the country, raise and support families, and serve as role models to their communities.

Unfortunately, many Black males don’t reach their full potential in our schools or society. There is no question that our education system must vastly improve in order for these intelligent minds to succeed in college, careers, and life. LF is up to that challenge, willing to reverse the negative trends in order to improve the quality of life and future opportunities for Black males.


Hopkins Black Male Summit May 2022

Minneapolis College Tour in February 2022

Keenan Jones

Founder/Executive Director

Keenan Jones is a rising, Black male educator who is a Family Engagement Specialist at Wayzata Public Schools in Plymouth, MN. Mr. Jones has been committed to literacy and the social development of African American males for over 10 years. Jones has spent time in various roles in education, working in grades 4-12.

His work is inspired by his love for literacy that was developed early in life. Raised by a mother who is a public school teacher and a father who worked in the business world for over 25 years, he was taught that academics as a Black man can take you anywhere in life.

After a college basketball career ending injury in 2003, Jones went on to obtain his A.A degree in Liberal Studies from Minnesota State University-Mankato graduating in 2008. He continued his studies and received a B.A in Elementary Education from Augsburg College. In the spring of 2019, he received his M.A in Literacy Education from Hamline University. His research interests at Hamline were African American male achievement, African American male masculinity, and increasing literacy outcomes for African American males.